2024 QAL Update & Feb Zoom Meeting!

2024 QAL Update & Feb Zoom Meeting!

This week has been a bit crazy for me. I’ve been learning how to use template plastic for the first time, and trying a new to me basting technique. We also had a 12 hour EEG scheduled for my son, that turned into a 7 hour EEG. We won’t even discuss what a mess that was! BUT, I’ve been keeping up with my 2024 QAL Temperature Quilts and I hope you have been too!

2024 QAL Flying Geese for part of January.

Here’s part of my January flying geese for the NYC quilt I’m making.

February 2024 QAL Zoom Meeting Info

I hope you can join me on Saturday, February 10th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time. It’ll only take up a little bit of your Saturday, as the meeting is scheduled for just 30 minutes. I think it’ll be a perfect amount of time to say hi, share the progress on our blocks, and encourage each other to keep going! Feel free to bring any questions for the group with you to the meeting (and if you know any in advance, fill it out in the form below).

After you sign up, I’ll send you a confirmation with the Zoom login information.

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Missed a post about the 2024 QAL? Here’s a list of all the posts!

Be on the lookout next week where I break down the basting technique I tried with the Father Christmas quilt!

Happy Quilting!!

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