Bookcase Quilt

Bookcase Quilt

My friend asked me to make her a book themed quilt for her classroom. She decided to splurge and commission a quilt from me! I was honored that she asked me to make her a quilt, and excited that she was going to leave everything about the quilt up to me!

My excitement grew when I found this bookcase pattern from Fabric at Work. It gives super clear instructions on how to make your own bookcase quilt!

Fabric Selection

First I went on a hunt for fun, unique and quirky fabrics to use as the books. I knew I couldn’t buy any type of pre-cut bundle since that would all coordinate. Instead I went to my local quilt shop (it has since closed), and purchased a mystery bag of fat eighths.

A bag of mystery fat eighths that I bought from my local quilt shop.
Fun fat eighth prints for the bookcase quilt.

I did also go through their Fat Quarter and Fat Eighths bin and buy some other fun prints, along with pulling out some fabrics from my limited stash.

Fat eighths of fabric for the bookcase quilt, along with the brown fabric for the bookcase.

The only request my friend had was to make the quilt the right size for her to hang up in her classroom to cover a boring wall, and she wanted her two cats represented in the quilt.

Making the Books

I started making the book blocks and worked on incorporating the cat blocks. This is again where I am so glad I have my design wall. It is on the only huge blank wall I have, which is at the front door of my apartment. It’s a Fons & Porter hanging design wall, and it fits perfectly on that wall.

Blocks for the bookcase quilt being laid out on the design wall prior to being sewn together.

Once I figured out where I wanted everything laid out, then it was time to put it all together.

Rows of the book case quilt all ready for the brown border.

The dark brown fabric then got added in between the rows as shelves and a border around the quilt as the actual bookcase.

The bookcase quilt top all pieced laid out on my design wall.

I ended up having to wait to quilt it. My friend agreed to let her quilt be the first one I quilted on my new 19x Elite, but I had to wait for it to get here! I worked on a few other quilt projects while I waited. I also tested out and got used to Ettie before I even tried quilting this top, but it was the first real quilt top I finished with her.

Quilting the Bookcase!

I took a quick picture after I loaded the quilt on my Cutie with the 19x Elite, but this was before I started actually quilting or put on my elastic straps. Please ignore my wonky brown border. I’m HORRIBLE at borders, and it ended up looking great once I was all done.

The bookcase quilt hooped on the Cutie frame ready to be quilted.

I had so much fun playing with the 19x Elite and finding something different to quilt into each book. I did swirls in all of the black background and I tried to do a woodgrain in the browns. The woodgrain wasn’t as successful as I would have liked, but overall I think the quilt came out so cute!

Close up of a few books showing a meandering leaf, ribbon candy, meandering loops and pebbles.
Close up of the orange cat block in the bookcase quilt.
Closeup of the bookcase quilt showing a meandering heart technique and a brick technique.
Closeup of the bookcase quilt showing where I quilted the books by tracing the fabric pattern.
A closeup of the bookcase quilt where I traced the pattern of the fabric in the quilting.
A closeup of my bookcase quilt showing my first attempt at pebbles.

Not horrible for my first attempt at pebbles!

Entire bookcase quilt prior to being squared or binding.

Unfortunately, this was before I got my new setup to take quilt photos outside, so this is the best overall photo I have of the quilt. Thankfully, my friend LOVED her quilt!

I know I want to make more of them, but I have a long list of quilts to make, so it will have to wait a bit before I can make another one, unless someone orders one.

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Have a question? Feel free to contact me, or leave a comment.

Thanks for coming by and happy quilting!

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  1. I absolutely love how the photo of this quilt. Have shown pics to friends and everyone has commented positively. It is lovely!!!

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