Grace Company Products

Thanks to the Grace Company, I have learned so much about quilting! I started with just the Cutie frame and my Juki domestic machine, and have since upgraded to a 19x Elite. Here are just some of the Grace products that I love and are on my wish list! Check back often as I’ll update this page based on current sales or promotions.

Quilting Machines

Q’nique 19x Elite

Here’s the 19x Elite that I currently use on my frame. I love mine! Check out my YouTube or TikTok videos where I show myself quilting with it. Or read my blog post about my unboxing and putting together my 19x Elite! It’s currently on sale! Click here to order and see more information on the 19x Elite.

Little Rebel

This is the Little Rebel! It’s an awesome quilting/sewing machine and definitely something I would have purchased when I first got my Cutie frame. It is a straight stitch machine that lets you piece your quilts… AND then it goes up on the frame and let’s you quilt them too! Click here for more information.

Q’nique 21x Elite

The Q’nique 21X Elite machine gives you the furthest reach, the most advanced and intuitive features, and the most impressive quilting experience! Click here for more information!

Quilting Frames

Cutie Breeze

The original Cutie frame may be discontinued, but that’s because they’ve made room for the new Cutie Breeze!! Check out all the information on the Cutie Breeze here.

Quilter’s Evolution Elite-Frame

Grace Company Evolution Elite Rolling Frame

This is the Quilter’s Evolution Elite-Frame. It is what I am currently saving up to purchase. I feel I have graduated from a hoop frame and am ready for a rolling frame! If you are ready for a rolling frame too, then the Evolution is for you! It can be purchased in lengths of 8′, 10′ and 12′. Click here for more information on this frame.



I love how easy the TrueCut system is to use. Even better I love that I know my cuts are accurate and my ruler doesn’t move!! Check out all the TrueCut products here!

Finesse Threads

I will admit that I LOVE variegated thread. Something about how the colors change throughout the thread, plus I feel that sometimes a variegated thread is easier to match to a quilt top. Grace has a great variety of variegated threads and you can order some here!

Hopping Foot Set

This bundle includes the Open Toe Foot, Ruler Foot, and Micro-Stippling Foot. I have used all three of the feet and have enjoyed them each! Click here to order and for more information.

Q’nique Ruler Base

If you plan on using rulers on your quilts (and you’ve gotten the ruler hopping foot), then you need a ruler base! This base gives you a level, sturdy surface to do ruler work. It’s really easy to attach and remove. Click here for more information.