Having fun with videos!

Having fun with videos!

This week has been chaotic!! Why do short weeks end up being more hectic?

With Labor Day on Monday, I have been a bit off all week. I realized late yesterday that it was THURSDAY and the day my blog posts usually come out. Yup, I made the mistake of thinking it was Wednesday the whole day. I realized today was Friday about half-way through my morning. I decided I would just tell you about my adventures with my videos!

Today was the deadline to enter videos to the Grace Company for their upcoming Fall Festival. The theme is fashion related quilting. And, of course, I waited until TODAY to finish my videos. I record a lot of my quilting, but organizing those videos, editing them, and narrating them is my least favorite thing to do. Which is why it took me until today to get it done. Oh, did I call this blog post “Having fun with videos!”? Well, once they are done I have fun sharing them!!!

I use Wondershare Filmora to edit my videos. I’m old school, but I really like using my computer to edit my videos instead of my phone. I can trim the raw video, speed up sections, add in music, and remove the audio (I always remove the original audio since I’m sure you don’t want to hear The Wiggles or my son in the background!). Depending on where I am going to share the video, I can add my voice over through my computer, or wait and do it in the app. I find that I like using Filmora to edit the raw video, as I can export the video in the format for where I am going to share it. 9:16 format for TikTok, 1:1 format for Facebook/Instagram or 16:9 for YouTube.

If I’m sharing to YouTube, I do everything in Filmora from my computer. Then when I export the video everything is all done and I just upload straight from my computer to YouTube. TikTok doesn’t like the music I use through Filmora, even though I have paid for it and have the rights to use the music. 🙄 With TikTok I just upload the video that I have sized properly from Filmora, without any audio at all. It’s easy to upload through my phone, then add their approved music and record my voice over through my phone. It’s just so much easier that way, especially since I’m using their approved music.

TikTok Video

For my TikTok video I shared my quilting of the Hawaiian Shirt Quilt and tagged The Grace Company to enter my video submission for the Fall Festival.

After uploading to TikTok, I remembered, I have another quilted fashion accessory. My quilted tote bag that I use every day! I don’t have the same level of videos as I did for the Hawaiian Shirt Quilt. I had a lot of pictures though, as I love to take pictures while I am making quilts/projects.

Today was my first time making a video for Reels. I used my phone and took the photos and added them to the app Splice. The app is really easy to use. It basically does everything TikTok let’s you do to videos and pictures. Then I can share the video to other social media platforms without the TikTok logos. I added the pictures, royalty free music, adjusted the music volume, and recorded my voice over directly from my phone.

Facebook/Instagram Reel

Here’s the video I shared on Facebook/Instagram about my tote bag!

I hope you enjoyed the videos! If you are interested in your own Q’nique 19x Elite, Cutie Frame or need a ruler base or a new hopping foot to do ruler work, check out my page of favorite Grace Company products!

Happy Quilting!

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