2024 Temperature Quilt QAL – Pattern Selection

2024 Temperature Quilt QAL – Pattern Selection

It’s time for a 2024 QAL update!! If you missed it, I discussed the 2024 Temperature Quilt QAL here.

I was searching for fabrics and then realized I needed to decide on what pattern I really wanted to use for my own 2024 Temperature Quilt.

The fabrics are on their way to me right now, and I will update everyone on which ones I’ve chosen in a future post. First I really needed to decide what city I was going to represent, and what pattern I would use.

Well, I’m a very indecisive person! I finally made the decision that I was going to make 3 quilts. One for Orlando, FL one for Queens, NY and one for Berea, KY. Why? Well, I live in Orlando, my husband and I are both from Queens, and my sister lives in Berea! Why not make more than one and use different techniques? Especially if I’m going to run the QAL, I might as well have a lot of fun with it!

Berea Temperature Quilt

For Berea, my sister is a very flowery type person. She’s always so happy and cheerful and is a absolute pleasure to chat with when I’m down. She is the cure to a bad mood!! The orange peel pattern felt perfect for her! As a bonus, I know that she will forgive any errors I make as I haven’t t made an orange peel quilt before. I’m hoping that in making this quilt I will get better as the year goes on. Not only will it be a temperature quilt but it will be a skill building quilt as well!

Here’s an example I put together of an orange peel temperature quilt.

Orange peel temperature quilt made using NYC data from 1973 in 10 degree increments.

Orlando Temperature Quilt

For Orlando, I decided to make it as an English Paper Piecing (EPP) project. I was going back and forth with maybe a hexie quilt, or a kite quilt. But then I saw half houses!

When I saw the half houses I knew that it would be perfect for Orlando! First, because I have called Orlando home for over 30 years. Second, because with them being half, I could basically have one half be the high and the other half be the low, and one house would make up a whole day!

I couldn’t get my EQ8 software to design half houses, but here’s what the papers look like. For this one, I’m planning on just making it up as I go along and see what I come up with!

Two packs of half house paper pieces. One showing the front and the other showing the back of the package.

If you would like to make your own half house EPP quilt, I have the paper pieces for sale here.

Queens Temperature Quilt

For Queens, it took me a little longer to decide what pattern I wanted to go with. Initially I was thinking of doing a circles in squares pattern, but I didn’t feel like dealing with curves. I did want to do a different technique though than the other two quilts. That made me think of foundation paper piecing which I do love to use a lot!

Finally I decided I wanted to do flying geese, but using foundation paper piecing! Here’s an example I came up with for the flying geese. I split these into two and three geese sections. You can download the FPP pattern here! Make sure to print them out at 100%. If you have any issues or questions on them, please let me know!

A mock up of a flying geese temperature quilt.

More Ideas!

Still need help deciding what pattern you want to use for your temperature quilt? I made a Pinterest board with a lot of different ideas!

Have you already decided on a pattern? Let me know! I would love to see what pattern you have decided on! Feel free to comment below, or join my private Facebook group!

Happy Quilting!

4 thoughts on “2024 Temperature Quilt QAL – Pattern Selection

  1. I know it sounds crazy but I’m thinking about ways to represent temperature in a non-linear format. I think I’m going to use Dresden blocks. I’m still working out my plan and it makes sense (at least to me). I’ll share more on Facebook when I figure it all out. Excited! Thanks for all the info. and sparking my creativity!

  2. I’m assuming there is no right or wrong way to make a temperature quilt. My thought is to get the temperatures for 3 days. Then calculate the average night temp for those three days and sew it under the 3 daytime temp section. I will make a sample block and put it in Facebook group.

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