Looking back at 2023 Daytona Beach Quilt Week! Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Looking back at 2023 Daytona Beach Quilt Week!

Yes! It’s time for AQS Quilt Week in Daytona Beach! While I am not going to be able to be there the entire week as I had originally planned, I will be there on Saturday, February 24th. I plan on seeing all the quilts, walking through all the booths, and even trying out some of the longarm machines on display!

AQS stands for American Quilter’s Society, and they have quilt shows throughout the country. Quilt Week in Daytona Beach is around the 3rd week of February every year.

Their other quilt shows are:

Quilt Week Quilts

The quilt show has a few categories you can enter, including wall size quilts, and whether or not you are hand quilting, quilting on a frame or just on your domestic machine. The quilts are amazing and they truly inspire me to be a better quilter!

As I get prepared for my fun-filled Saturday, here’s a few of the quilts that I saw at Quilt Week last year! These are just some of the quilts that were there. These are the ones that really stood out to me and made me think!

I love how this wall hanging creates light and darkness as if a painting, but with fabric!

In the Darkness by Gabriele DiTota

I love this improvisational piece! I admire all the art quilts, especially as I’m slowly learning more about them and how to make my own art!

Fiber Optics by Maria Shell

I am a city girl through and through, and this city scene really spoke to me! I love it so much!

Austin Nights: A Symphony of Sound and Light Waves by Nancy Baldwin Woods

This one left me in awe. It is one of the many quilts I saw that didn’t resemble a quilt in any way, but looks like a painting!

There’s Something In the Water by Kestrel Michaud

I love that to go up close to see these quilts and try to figure out the stitching or how they were done. This was one of the quilts that I definitely could NOT figure out!

Canticle of the Stars by Sarah Ann Smith

This is another quilt that I just couldn’t stop staring at. The colors and different shapes is so captivating!

Strange Attractor #8 by Niraja Lorenz

This quilt needs more than one photo! It might look simple from far away, but when you get up close you realize how intricate and detailed this quilt really is! This one is foundation pieced and it’s amazing!

Beyond Reason by Angela Petrocelli

Here’s an up close picture of Beyond Reason by Angela Petrocelli.

This quilt is captivating on so many levels! It is another one that I took some up close photos of so I could study them and try to figure out how this was made. I know more about art quilts than I did last year, but I’m still learning and aspire to be this good some day.

La Catrina by Cindy Stohn

Here’s an up close photo of La Catrina by Cindy Stohn. It’s stunning.

This quilt has two of my favorite things/subjects in it: buildings and the ocean! It’s another quilt where I felt I could learn so much by just standing there and staring at it.

Seaside Fantasy by Margaret Reiswid

Even More Quilts!

Here’s even more quilts! I spent a lot of time just standing and staring at the quilts.

Daytona Beach on Saturday!

I will be there in Daytona Beach this Saturday and can’t wait to see what beautiful and amazing quilts will be shown this year. I’m planning on taking even more photos and maybe even some videos as well. Let me know if you are planning on being there too!

As a reminder, if you would like to be part of our 2024 Temperature Quilt QAL, here’s where you can find the blog posts about it!

Happy Quilting!

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