School Gift Quilts – Part 1

School Gift Quilts – Part 1

With school starting in Florida in a few weeks, I thought I would FINALLY write a few blog posts about the quilts I made as school gifts last year (2022). My son, Tuan, turned 22 in November. In Florida, you are able to keep a special needs child enrolled in school until they turn 22. His last day of school was in December 2022.

Knowing that his time at the school was coming to a close, I wanted to make something fun and memorable for his teachers and the school administration. Unfortunately, I have been a bit neglectful and still haven’t made the quilts for his 4 teachers! I’m hoping to get them made and delivered by Christmas this year.

I was able to get the school administration their quilts before the holiday break last year. On this part one, I will share with you the Exploding Heart quilt I made for the principal.

This pattern is so darn cute and only $10! It’s available here from Slice of Pi’s Etsy shop

The principal’s favorite color is blue, so I decided to make this with lots of shades of blue! At the time I was making this quilt top, I had an AccuQuilt to cut up my fabric. I know that there are lots of people who love their AccuQuilt. I did find though that it was soooooo much work to make the QSTs (Quarter Square Triangles). The nice part about the pattern is that you are provided with the amount of fabric needed for both using an AccuQuilt and for traditional fabric cutting.

The cutting itself seemed like it took forever. Even with being able to cut 6 layers at once, it was A LOT of triangles and squares!

Four small bins filled with blue and white triangles and squares fabric, ready for piecing.

Then because with the AccuQuilt you are putting the QSTs together by cutting out each triangle piece, it’s also a LOT of sewing to put them back together as QSTs! 

My ironing board with blue and white fabric triangles on top.

I have since learned how to make Quarter Square Triangles in a much much easier way (and I’m currently working on a new project using them that I can’t wait to share with you!). Here’s the blog post from Bonjour Quilts that really really helped me figure out the best way to make QSTs.

Here’s a picture of my progress while making the quilt. I have a Fons & Porter design wall hanging by my front door in our apartment that is so helpful in keeping me organized with all the pieces of a quilt in progress. Plus it is so nice to see my current WIP when I first walk into the apartment!

One quarter of the Exploding Heart quilt on my design wall.

Finally I got it on my Cutie Frame to quilt! I was still using my Juki TL 2000 Qi on the Cutie Frame at this time. I had so much fun quilting a loopy heart meander!

A portion of the quilt on my Cutie frame quilted with a loopy heart meander.

Unfortunately I was in such a rush to get the quilt done in time to gift it before the end of the school year, I didn’t get any good pictures of the entire quilt completed. The principal did love it and I am so glad I spent the time to make this!

Here’s my only picture of the full quilt, but it was before I quilted it.

The entire scrappy blue Exploding Heart Quilt top prior to quilting.

Stay tuned next time for Part 2 where I share the quilt I made for the assistant principal of the school!

The original Cutie frame was retired in December of 2023. But it made way for the next generation the Cutie Breeze! Click here for more information on the Cutie Breeze!

Happy Quilting!!

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