School Gift Quilts – Part 2

School Gift Quilts – Part 2

Last week I showed you the quilt I made for the principal of my son’s school. 

Exploding Heart quilt top in blues and white, prior to quilting.

As he was graduating in December, I really wanted to make something that showed our gratitude for the wonderful years he spent at the school!

For the assistant principal, I decided on an Around the World quilt design. I found this blog post from Aqua Paisley Studio about a mini-quilt Around the World Quilt. It was the easiest explanation I had found on how to make the Around the World quilt. So using her description, I made a really large version!

Since the assistant principal’s favorite color is pink, I purchased pink fabrics in different shades and styles, hoping that they would be enough contrast to make this work.

Folded fabric yardage in different hues of pink.

I took a LONG time to figure out which fabrics I wanted where in the overall pattern, and even ended up using EQ8 to figure out placement of each fabric.

Then I cut them into strips and labeled each one.

2.5" strips of varying hues and designs of pink fabric laid out in front of my sewing machine.

Then it was on to sewing them into strip units.

Sewing strip set with 4 different fabrics in hues of pink laid out on top of my ironing board.

From there it was almost like making a bargello, where you subcut the strip units into squares, and then placing them in the right order.

Strip set of pink fabrics that were cut into squares, laid out on my ironing board.

From there I sewed the rows together. I designed it so that I could make a quarter of the quilt top at a time to not confuse myself. It also really helped having a design wall to lay it all out on to make sure I was doing it correctly.

Part of the Around the World quilt in pinks laid out on my design wall.
Part of the Around the World quilt in pinks laid out on my design wall after being sewn together.

Ta-da! Quilt top all done!!

Fully sewn Around the World quilt top hanging from my design wall.

Then it was on to basting my quilt sandwich. 

Close up of my Kwik Klip tool, with a jar of safety pins, on top of the Around the World quilt top that is partially basted with safety pins.

Although I have the Cutie, I thought I was going to do straight line quilting all the way around. Kind of like this.

An image from EQ8 software of the Around The World quilt in pink, with blue lines to represent how to quilt the top.

I had started on it and it was going well, when one morning I go sit at my sewing table and find that my carpet was SOAKED! My dishwasher was installed incorrectly and it was leaking into my dining room carpet! I had taken over the dining room as my sewing room, so it put me out of commission until the apartment complex maintenance could get my carpet completely dry. This is what my sewing room looked like with the dehumidifiers and dryers.

A dehumidifier and two blowers on the carpet in my dining room.

When I finally got everything reorganized I realized I just didn’t feel like pushing and pulling the entire quilt through the throat of my machine. I mean that is why I got the Grace Cutie frame right??

So I ended up just finishing the quilt with a meandering stitch.

The fully quilted Around the World quilt in pink, after quilting, prior to being squared up and bound.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and I really really loved the way it came out! Of course I yet again didn’t get a really good photo of the quilt all finished, but I was happy with the quilt, and the best part was that the assistant principal loved it too!!!

If you are a quilter and interested in joining a group of other quilters, check out my Facebook group where we discuss our love of Grace Company products and grow as quilters: Quilting with Love From Orlando.

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