Making the Through Love Quilt

Making the Through Love Quilt

I made this quilt in 2022, but I finally got to blog about it! Life and quilting have gotten in the way!

I have a really dear friend who I’ve known since we were 5 years old. We don’t talk as much as we used to, but I still love her dearly and I’m so glad she is still in my life all these years later! (We won’t talk about how MANY years later, ha!)

Well on my birthday this year (2022) I found out her dad was sick and in the hospital. I wanted to send something that showed my love and help him through his illness. I had already made a Through Love Quilt by Taren Studios, (it’s available here from their website) and I knew how quickly it comes together. What a better way to show your love than with the ACTUAL word LOVE!

Through Love Quilt top in deep red, medium red and cream, hung up on my design wall.

This was the first Through Love quilt that I made.

I decided that this required a quick trip to my local quilt shop. I don’t usually buy fabric in person, since I usually buy in bulk online, but sometimes you just need a small quantity quickly!

I picked out three coordinating colors and prints that I really hoped he would like and started cutting!

2.5" strips of fabric in three coordinating blues ready for sub-cutting.

My coordinating blues for the quilt, cut into strips and ready to be sub-cut.

Since the quilt is mainly 2″ strips when finished, it was a perfect opportunity for me to work on my free motion quilting skills on the Cutie frame!

My Juki TL2000Qi sewing machine on the Cutie frame with the blue Through Love Quilt ready to quilt.

My Cutie frame and Juki TL2000 Qi with my homemade PVC handles for the top!

I decided that I would just work on each row separately instead of an all over pattern. I studied a lot of border style pantograph patterns to decide what I wanted to do and I doodled a lot! In the end, I decided since it was a love quilt that I would quilt a row of hearts every other row, and in between I would practice with a meander, swirls and anything else I could think of. Overall, I feel they came out pretty good considering this was only my second full quilt on the Cutie Frame.

A row of quilted hearts and a row of quilted swirls on the Through Love quilt.

Swirls and hearts

Quilting ruler on top of the quilt with a rotary cutter on top of both.

My attempt at squaring up the quilt!

Close up of the quilt label on the back of the quilt. The label says: Through Love Quilt, Made for Mr. Romano, Piecing & Quilting by Didi Concepcion, October 2022"

My quilt label. I’m still working on making sure all my quilts have labels!

Me holding up the blue Through Love Quilt in front of an Orlando mural.

This is me holding the quilt in front of an Orlando mural. I am also working on getting great outdoor pictures of all my quilts!

Before sending the quilt off to it’s new owner, my friend Deb helped me take photos of it in front of a mural. This mural is on the corner of Edgewater Drive and Bryn Mawr Street, on the side of David’s World Cycle.

The original Cutie Frame has been retired as of December 2023, but if you are interested in learning more about the all new Cutie Breeze (the next generation Cutie), click here!

Here’s a list of my favorite Grace Company products! Yes, I have become a huge fan!

Now on to my next project!!

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