Travelling This Week to My First Quilt Retreat!

Travelling This Week to My First Quilt Retreat!

I had initially planned on having a quilt done to talk about this week, but instead of getting any actual quilting done, I ended up getting ready for a quilt retreat! Actually for my very first quilt retreat!

Since I started quilting in March 2020, which obviously was in the middle of a global pandemic, there were no quilting retreats going on. I actually didn’t understand the allure of sewing/quilting with others since I truly learned all about sewing and quilting on my own.

Bonnie Kempke, the founder of the Cutie Quilter’s Facebook Group, decided to hold the very first Cutie Quilter’s Retreat. The retreat was going to be in Florala, Alabama at the Camellia Palms Retreat Center. Florala isn’t relly that far from Orlando, and I knew I finally might get a chance to get to a retreat.

I was super lucky to be able to reserve my spot. So what did I do this week? Worry about going away from my family for 4 days, worry about the drive up and back and of course worry that I was going to forget to pack something that I would desperately need!

The drive up from Orlando was definitely not as bad as I had let me brain convince me it would be. I left around 7:30am after a quick stop at Publix. A quick stop in Gainesville filled up my gas tank and let me stretch my legs. I made it to Florala at 1:45pm Central Time, not too bad!

I’ll have a full blog post next week all about the quilt retreat, and maybe even some reviews on how my first class went. Yup, I’m teaching a foundation paper piecing class on Saturday and I’m so excited!!

I hope you have a great week, I know I am going to enjoy the rest of my weekend at the retreat!

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