First Full Quilt on My Cutie Frame

First Full Quilt on My Cutie Frame

**This post was originally published on my blogspot account on November 16, 2022. I have reposted it here since I’ve moved everything to my new website.**

I got a Cutie frame quite a few months ago, but I haven’t found the time to actually get my Juki TL2000Qi to play nice with it.

I ended up just straight line quilting my last few quilts because I was so frustrated with the issues I kept having.

Then I had 3 finished quilt tops that needed quilting. But, since I still hadn’t worked out all my issues, I made one more top that would be practice top. I made a crumb quilt for a friend’s birthday to practice with.

Multicolored crumb quilt top laid out on my design wall.

The completed crumb quilt top on my design wall!

I even took some advice from fellow Cutie users and made some top handles using PVC pipe. This helped A LOT!! I no longer have to roll up the bottom portion of the quilt and can let my batting and backing float. It’s so freeing to not have the handles on the bottom of the frame.

My Juki TL2000Qi set up on the Cutie frame with PVC top handles.

My Juki TL2000Qi set up on the Cutie frame with PVC top handles.

Unfortunately, my thread issues weren’t over. My thread kept breaking. So I got a topstitch needle, that didn’t work. I tried to stitch slower, nope. I double checked my top and bobbin tension, still breaking. I unhooped the quilt and took it down so I could undo all the crappy stitching.

When I put it back on I lowered the frame a bit more and made sure that the quilt wasn’t too tight. That seemed to fix some issues and then, yup, the thread broke again!

Just as I was ready to just give up on ever learning how to quilt on a frame, I was advised to go up on the size of my needle. So I used the topstitch needle at 100/16 instead of 90/14.

A package of Schmetz topstitch needles.

It worked!! It’s not perfect, but it’s done. My friend loved her gift and I’m on to my next projects.

Me holding up the finished crumb quilt in front of an Orlando mural that shows oranges, a swan and the Lake Eola fountain.

Yes, that’s me, see my feet? I’m standing in front of a beautiful Orlando mural off of Edgewater Drive.

My friend and I holding up the finished crumb quilt in front of us.

Me (on the right) and my friend with her new quilt!

The new Cutie Breeze is out! If you are interested in getting your own Cutie Breeze Frame, just click here to see it for yourself on the Grace Company website!

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