Daytona Beach Quilt Week was Amazing!

Daytona Beach Quilt Week was Amazing!

Last week I shared how much fun I had at Quilt Week 2023. This year, I was determined to see all the quilts and try out all the quilting machines that were available to test. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see ALL the quilts, but I did get to test out all the quilting machines that were there! Next week I’ll do a little round up where I discuss all the machines I tried and what I thought of them.

I did at least get to see the quilts in the winner’s circle, and a little bit of the other quilts. There are just so many quilts!!! My cousins were so kind to spend the day with me and ooh’d and aaaah’d with me through the entire event.

Winners Circle Quilts

Here are pictures of the quilts from the Winner’s Circle. I took an overall photo and then some close-ups to get some details of the quilts. I hope that you find them as beautiful and inspiring as I did!

Eyes of the Forest by Margaret Solomon Gunn – Best of Show

Buddy by Hiroko Miyama & Masanobu Miyama – Best Wall Quilt

Floral Symphony No. 2 by Mariya Waters – Best Stationary Machine Workmanship

Subtle Reflections by Laurie Tigner – Best Original Design

My Blancket Tweetment by Christine Wickert – Best Traditional Design

Dreams of a Summer Day by Margaret Solomon Gunn – Best Movable Machine Workmanship

Peacock by Naomi Otomo – Best Hand Workmanship

Sphere by Clem Buzick & Beth Nufer – Third Place

Best Wishes by Miyuki Hamaba – First Place

Let Freedom Ring by Barbara Clem – Honorable Mention

Stella Luminous by Kim Fong – Honorable Mention

And… (DOT, DOT, DOT) by Gail Stepanek – First Place

Other Quilt Week Quilts

Here are a few other quilts that weren’t in the winner’s circle, but that stood out to me! I’m really hoping to be just good enough to enter a quilt in the show one day!

Heart and Soul by Jackie Perry

Lily Rosenberry by Sue Garman

Blue September by Cecilia French & Charlotte Wright

Amazing Grey by Stacie D. Spradlin

Fractal Feathers by Barbara Hill Manning

The 90’s Called… by Diane K. Poor

El Camino de las Mariposas Doradas by Megan Bracy

Lauren – My Hockey Girl by Terry Smith

Painted Ponies on the Prairie by Melissa Sobotka

Wrapping Up – March Reminder

Can you believe that isn’t even ALL the quilts that were there! There were so many, and I have so many more pictures of the quilts! I’m already thinking about Quilt Week 2025 and excited to see what quilts will be there! I’m keeping an eye on the AQS website to see the official dates for next year! (You can also sign up to go to another AQS Show this year!)

It’s March 1st! How are you doing on your temperature quilt for the 2024 QAL? If you are interested in joining me to discuss your progress and see how other’s quilts are coming, click here to sign up!

Our next Zoom call will be on Saturday, March 9th at 1:00 p.m. Easter Time. I can’t wait to see you and your progress on your quilts!

Happy Quilting!

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